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When scientists figured out what happened to this girl, even the most daring hair on her head stood on end.

At first glance, Dirk, a 40-year-old German man, seems no different from millions of other men his age. He works as a freelancer and receives a good income.

By this time he had already managed to marry and divorce. He has a child that lives with his mother. Despite the divorce, Dirk loves his child and sees him frequently.

Now the man has found a new love, with which he lives together. Nevertheless, Dirk keeps his feelings secret and in every way hides it from his friends and relatives. And he has a lot to hide!


The thing is, Dirk lives together… with a doll named Ginny!
The strange love of a man and a sex toy was accidentally discovered by photographer Sandra Hoyne, who met Dirk on a forum.


She asked permission to capture the life of this unusual couple and received consent on the condition that the man’s identity was not made public. Therefore, his face is not in the photo, and the name Dirk is made up.


According to the man, after the divorce, he went through a severe psychological disorder. It wasn’t until Ginny came into his life that he finally found peace.


Dirk sees Ginny as a fragile and vulnerable woman, and is very worried about what will happen to her when he gets old.


Sandra Hoyne says that from the outside, Dirk and Jenny look almost like a normal family, with the correction that the doll cannot speak and move independently.


Sandra hopes that her photo project will help others overcome prejudices and accept Dirk’s life choices. What do you think about this odd couple? Should a man turn to the services of a psychologist, or should he live with his doll, so long as he does not interfere with others? Or is this story just invented by the photographer? Share your opinion in the comments and don’t forget to ask your friends for their opinion.

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