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The plus size model wore a dress that people are embarrassed to even look at. Photo in full growth

Every day there are more and more plump girls on Instagram who aspire to become plus size models. Of course, not everyone has a great future on the podium, but many get the coveted fame without appearing on magazine covers and fashion shows.

Charming Grace also received her piece of the fame pie. The girl leads Instagram and shares spectacular photos, which she tries not to photoshop.

By the way, Grace is a girl with forms and has her own flaws, which she does not seek to hide either behind a thick cloth or behind a layer of filters.

And here is a photo that made a splash on the Web, which clearly shows the unevenness of the skin. But fans of naturalness like Grace, she does not try to follow the mythical ideals of beauty …

And, of course, the main thing: a photo in a dress that is embarrassing to even look at.

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