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The most terrible mistakes that are dangerous for the health of the female vagina

Mankind does not stand still, and medicine has long stepped forward. Today we can cure almost any disease, and we try to monitor our health. But nevertheless, girls still make very stupid mistakes in terms of their intimate health. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the 8 most terrible things that modern beauties allow regarding their vagina. Don’t blame me for the delicacy of the subject…

8 Terrible Mistakes Women Make With Their Vagina

1 Don’t change sweaty clothes after exercising

Everyone knows that sweat is great for removing calories from the body, but few people know about its harm to the vagina. Since by nature the female vagina is moistened by itself, it urgently needs air to avoid stagnation of moisture inside. Your sportswear is usually made from Lycra or Spandex, which means it doesn’t ventilate well. Too much moisture is produced during exercise, which can cause a fungal infection.

2. Wrong underwear wearing

Wearing underwear incorrectly can cause irritation. Cotton underwear will be your best friend as it is a breathable material. If you prefer satin instead of cotton, you risk getting an infectious inflammation in the vagina.

3. Poor ventilation of the body at night

When choosing sleepwear, opt for flannel pajamas that allow women’s intimate areas to breathe freely.

4. Hair removal of the pubis

Doctors do not recommend shaving off pubic hair, as they protect a woman from various kinds of bacteria. Although it is sometimes inconvenient to walk with «thickets», but full hair removal will not benefit unequivocally.

5. Ignore yeast infections

You constantly cling to yeast infections and do not go to the gynecologist for help. In this case, you run the risk of developing bacterial vaginosis. Or the second option… Do you often get yeast infections because you have low pH levels? It is worth paying attention to the corresponding highlights. The normal color should be either transparent or light gray. If the discharge is of a different color, then do not delay a visit to the gynecologist.

6. Wearing a wet bathing suit

After swimming, be sure to change into dry clean underwear. If you don’t, you run the risk of catching an infection.

7. Poor hygiene outside the vagina

To maintain the hygienic health of the vagina, it is necessary to wash only the outer part of the labia, and not the inner one. Hygiene products play an important role as well.

8. Use of ordinary soap for hygiene purposes

To clean the vagina, you should use only one water. If you have started to use soap, then it would be more expedient to stop immediately, otherwise you will disrupt the microflora. In fact, all chemicals in the form of dyes, fragrances, and everything else cause irritation to the vagina, and can kill beneficial bacteria while disturbing the pH.

Dear women, you should definitely remember that the vagina has the ability to self-cleanse and get rid of harmful bacteria and toxins. Follow the above tips and be healthy!

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