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What happened to Dima from Kramatorsk, who was abandoned by his parents

The boy Dima from Kramatorsk was born with a serious diagnosis. Parents, having learned that excess fluid was accumulating in the child’s head, immediately wrote a refusal and left him in the maternity hospital. The surname Kalekin was given to him by the nurses of the department.

Then the boy was sent to a specialized orphanage. There, after examination, the doctors predicted only 1.5 years of life for him, no more. But time passed, and the baby lived and developed, not like all children, of course, he had problems with this.

Due to illness, Dima could not walk, and he ate from a syringe. But at the same time, he was able to learn to speak in short sentences and this surprised everyone around him. But they understood that Dima would have a very difficult future. It only remained to hope for a miracle, maybe someone will want to adopt him.

And a miracle happened, a couple from America found out about the boy.

Ernest and Ruth Chavez from Vermont were in a special database of people who are ready to adopt a child. They already had four children of their own and seven adopted children.

Soon the couple flew to Ukraine to meet Dima Kalekin. The boy won their hearts from the first minutes, he had such a positive energy and he loved to laugh very much.

So a boy from Kramatorsk had a large and loving family in the United States. His adoptive parents gave him a new name, Zebediah Chavez (Zeb for short). The boy very quickly adapted to the new environment, his parents, brothers and sisters surrounded him with care and attention, and he began to change a lot. Zeb learned to eat and be physically active on his own.

Zeb’s speech also began to progress, he learned English and can speak well.

After the examination, it turned out that the frontal lobes of the brain, which play an important role in the development of intelligence, remained intact in the child. Therefore, Zeb has great potential. He just needs serious help in physical development.

Thanks to the efforts of Ernest and Ruth, Zeb has already gone through several important operations that should improve his condition.

Of course, he still has a long way ahead, which will require considerable effort. But we want to believe that this wonderful boy and his new family will be able to cope with everything.

What Ernest and Ruth are doing is admirable. It’s nice to know that there are such kind and caring people on earth.

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