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«Ведьма, не иначе»: Нестареющая Жади из «Клона» в купальном костюме заворожила Сеть

The face of a pensioner, and the shape of a pioneer

Do you agree that the 45-year-old star of «Clone» is beautiful to this day? Giovanna proves to fans by her own example that after 40 life is just beginning. The other day, the favorite of millions of viewers reminded of herself with a bright photo shoot, appearing in front of her fans in all her glory on vacation photos.

“Giovanna, you are incomparable”, “What a beauty”, “You do not grow old”, “A witch, not otherwise”, “Look great”, “I have no words”,

“The face of a pensioner, and the form of a pioneer”, “Bravo, Giovanna”, “But there are still wrinkles”, “Excellently preserved”, “Does not change”

Do you remember the actress?

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