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U.S. Coast Guard Comes To The Rescue Of Dog Stuck In Icy Waters

Thank god she got rescued 😟🙏 Poor little girl

“Whether man or beast, our crews stand ready to answer the call for help, even if it means crawling through 200 feet of slurpee-like ice.” 

That’s what the U.S. Coast Guard of Great Lakes in Frankfort, Michigan wrote on Facebook after their team rescued a dog from the freezing waters between Lake Michigan and Betsie Lake on February 3, 2015.

The team had been at a meeting when the call came in that someone had seen a dog plunge into the icy channel. They quickly called the meeting to a close to put on their protective gear and rush out to save the dog. Here’s the dramatic footage of the dog’s rescue!

The video below is additional earlier footage showing just how far Tim Putnam had to swim to get to the dog.

The Labrador Retriever was taken to Animal Welfare League of Benzie County and given a good bill of health before she was later reunited with her owner!

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