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Top 7 brides and grooms whose “beauty” makes your head spin

The bridegroom in the 4th photo is no better than the bride!

It seems that every bride should be beautiful and pleasant! But, unfortunately, everyone has a different concept of beauty.

Still, you can select a selection with ugly brides who became famous on the Web. Especially since a touch of humor never hurt anyone. Unfortunately, not everyone is given the opportunity to be born princesses.

We are accustomed to the fact that the wedding is decorated by the heroes of the occasion — the bride and groom, who look perfect and solemn on this day. However, it is possible to single out such brides who neither makeup nor dress saved.

You could at least choose a not so terrible angle …

She is so confident in herself that we don’t even doubt it.

Well, the groom is also okay!

When you were not warned to keep your mouth shut…

However, love is stronger!

This photo is going to be a hit after many years.

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