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The gears in these frames are 11 years old! How do they look now

The story of Mia and Rozonno McGee began back in high school, they already realized then that they were made for each other. In their childhood, each of them experienced many hardships.

Mia was abandoned by her parents when she was still a teenager, and Rozonno’s mother was addicted to drugs.

Therefore, both of them had to grow up early. Subsequently, it turned out that this is not all the obstacles in their life path. When the lovers got married, they could not have children for 10 years.

But after the couple decided to try a fertility drug, it turned out that they would have six children at once. Mia was forced to leave her job, and Rozonno had his own carpet cleaning and upholstery business.

After the birth of their children, they just broke the Internet with their pictures.

They made a beautiful photo shoot with their babies, which just melted the hearts of people.

Today they decided to recreate this photo shoot as grown children.

All six children have grown up healthy and happy.

They proved to everyone that true love can do a lot.

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