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The case when relatives are so similar to each other that you can do without genetic tests

Although mankind has long been aware of the possibilities of genes, sometimes those things that are influenced by genetics seem to us real magic! When you look at a young girl and realize that she is just a copy of her great-grandmother 100 years ago — isn’t that a miracle?! Parents and their children can have the same dimples on the cheeks, moles, hair color, eyes, etc. And sometimes you look at the picture and don’t understand at all where the father is and where the son is. No matter how scientists explore the laws of genetics, nature has its laws, sometimes it brings real surprises!
we have prepared for you a selection of pictures showing relatives at different periods of life, look how similar they are!

Dad inherited such fingers

Mom and daughter at the same age

In the photo, my dad is 20 years old, and this is me, 20 years old!

I found an old picture of my father, at first I thought it was me

Here is such a genetic mark on the thumb of a mother and daughter

In my opinion, one person: me and my great-grandmother

Me and my grandfather when I was young

My photo and my father’s photo

My mother in my youth and me

Dad and daughter have dimples on their foreheads

My dad is in third grade and I

And this is one face! Mom as a child and me

Grandfather and grandson have identical moles in the same place

My grandfather on his wedding day and I now

Great-granddaughter in 2021 and great-grandmother in 1920

My brother and dad seem to be the same person

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