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The brave Pit Bull became the first police dog among her breed breaking down the thoughts about it

There are many sentiments that Pit Bulls are harsh and dangerous animals. They are considered to hurt and attack people. It is because of the cruel men who use them for fighting with other dogs for many years. But in fact these adorable creatures are so clever and friendly ones. Here is a sweet canine named Kiah who proves that this breed can be sensible and helpful.

Kiah was found in the street with blooded head and immediately transported to the wildlife center where she got the needed treatment. Here the staff noticed that this incredible dog is so kind and sociable. Then they realized that she would be a fine police dog.

So Kiah joined the Universal K9 program where she proved to be a brave, bright and amicable «worker». She is the first Pit Bull dog being trained in New York state. She works as Sniffer Dog at the Police Department.https://8263033f3d90f7e7b679dbf0a11a39d4.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

Everyone is proud of Kiah’s great job. She is really a respected animal and deserves to break down all the standard ideas about her breed.

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