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The adorable dog can’t believe he has finally found a home after 2381 days at the shelter

The adorable dog can’t believe he has finally found a home after 2381 days at the shelter

“Why don’t you put him down?”

The director of The Humane Society of Preble County in Ohio heard this question every time she spoke about Higgins, a wonderful dog.

It just so happened that he was in the shelter for too long, and many wondered – why keep him alive?

However, Leslie Renner was not going to give up. Putting the dog down is the last thing a woman would want.

After all, she sincerely loves animals, which means that she must fight to the end.

Surprisingly, the dog was not going to despair, even when another shelter visitor refused to take Higgins into his house.

Again and again, the four-legged orphan wagged its tail affably, meeting its potential owner. What if he gets lucky today?

Back in 2012, someone saved him and brought him in, in the hope that the employees will find an owner for him.

But it turned out that the wait for the fateful meeting would drag on for years.

People came and chose either puppies or young dogs. And the dog kept waiting, and the visitors of the shelter were afraid to take him just because he had been there for too long, and there was probably something wrong with him.

And then one day, on the 2381st day of his stay, a young man named Brandon Lead entered the shelter.

He said what the employees of the organization dreamed of hearing for so long:

“I’ve come to get Higgins!”

Hearing this, Leslie Renner was overjoyed. It turned out that the guy found out the dog’s story, and then saw his pictures and decided that this is exactly the pet that he wants to take into his house!

It’s hard to believe, but six and a half years later, the dog is finally sleeping in a warm bed, eating delicious food, running on the grass and hugging its beloved owner!

“He seems so cute!” Says Brandon. “I don’t understand why no one wanted to take him into their house for so long?”

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