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Thanks to human kindness, a poor dog`s life was transformed. Now you wouldn’t even recognise her

Thanks to human kindness, a poor dog`s life was transformed. Now you wouldn’t even recognize her 🐶😍🥰

One day Lauren Buckley saved a dog that was about to be put to sleep. That act of kindness helped the woman to realize how many more dogs there are in the world, which could be faithful friends and companions, if only they were given a chance.

4 years have passed since that moment, and Lauren got an opportunity to change the fate of a sick dog again. The poor thing looked as if she could no longer be helped.

But Lauren is not the one to give up easily: she decided to do everything possible so that the animal could live normally and enjoy life. The woman put in a lot of effort, and the dog named Lainey is now unrecognizable.

«We saw pictures [of Lainey] on Facebook on Christmas Eve. She had been found by a kind person, but he could not keep her, so we knew we had to do something», said Lauren.

The dog was in a terrible state; as described by the man who found her: «She smelled, and something was oozing from her skin onto the sofa».

Firstly, Lauren took Lainey to the vet, where she was diagnosed with demodicosis and secondary infections.

Demodectic mange is a lesion of the skin and internal organs. The causative agent of this disease is a cigar-shaped mite 0.2-0.26 mm long. This parasite is usually localized in the hair follicles and sebaceous glands of the skin. This disease is very serious, and if it is not treated timely, the animal may die.

So, Lainey could have met a tragic end, if she hadn’t been treated in time.

Lauren did her absolute best to help the dog recover as soon as possible.

«We were giving Lainey antibiotics every day for four months. Moreover, we added coconut oil to her food, applied it to the skin, and made her take medicated baths twice a week. We also did our best to keep her stress level low since demodicosis is exacerbated by stress», said the woman.

Fortunately, the dog was treated in time, so Lainey started getting better and becoming more and more beautiful every day.

Look at that cutie! And all thanks to love and care.

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