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She plumped up and aged. What does the 70-year-old beauty Kirstie Alley look like now?

“Time flies unnoticed”💜

I am sure that many of you remember this wonderful actress from her roles in good old American comedies. Kirsty became famous all over the world thanks to her role in the film Who Would Say, in which she played along with John Travolta.

I can’t even believe that the actress recently turned 70 years old. The other day, the paparazzi showed what the American star looks like now, filming her on the streets of Los Angeles. “Our Kirsty has grown old”, “Time flies unnoticed”,

“Plump, in my opinion”, “I would look like this at 70”, “Looks decent for her age”, “She has a very memorable appearance”, “I loved films with her participation”,

“I stopped looking after myself”, “I changed a lot”, and “I gained weight,” wrote netizens. What do you say? Do you think Ellie has changed a lot?

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