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Mother nature did her best. Celebrities who have something to be proud of

With some, mother nature, obviously, went too far. «Pride» Lopez lives a separate life 🥴🥴🥴

How do you rate your beauty? Perhaps you are one of those people who are very critical of themselves, seeking to achieve a non-existent ideal? Or maybe you close your eyes to small flaws, enjoying life? Today I have prepared for you the pictures of beauties who have something to be proud of. By the way, many ill-wishers believe that these stars should be more modest and show “bulges” less often, given the fashion for excessive thinness. However, our today’s heroines do not pursue modern standards, enjoying the attention of men. What do you think?

Susan Sarandon

Serena Williams

Christina Aguilera

Iggy Azalea

Anastasia Kvitko

Nicki Minaj

Kim Kardashian


Pamela Anderson

Jennifer Lopez

Anna Semenovich

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