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Looks 70. How does the 27-year-old «old woman» and her sons, who have aged prematurely

Ekaterina Nezhentseva was born with a problem of premature aging. Now the 27-year-old woman seems like 70. Katya became famous by participating in popular talk shows.

She had a plastic operation due to the caring people and she states that she gained self-confidence and perfect life.
Katya’s spouse husband and her children

Most of people may presume that the woman needs love and affection by a loving man but she already has a young person in her life. Her ex-partner got acquianted with her by a telephone call. He mistook the number and got in love with the stranger’s voice.

The telephone conversation ended with the marrige. Katya delivered 2 boys, but sadly the younger of them inherited her unusual feature.

The father started to spread rumors about the fact that the boy with a »flaw» wasn’t his son. And so Katya didn’t endure such an absurd from him.

Now the woman’s boyfriend acts well towards her boy. And she isn’t quick to marry him.

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