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“I weighed 293 kg at 10!”: How did the fate of a Boy named Arya Permano

Arya Permano loved to eat since childhood. And since the parents did not really follow the boy’s diet, his weight began to grow rapidly. No wonder, because the child’s food was very fatty and high-calorie!

Mom and dad sounded the alarm when it was already difficult for Arya to move because of excess weight. Then they decided it was time to show their son to specialists.

Doctors, of course, immediately recommended that the child go on a strict diet. After all, when he stood on the scales, everyone was shocked: Arya’s weight at 10 years old reached as much as 192 kilograms!

Such a physique brought the boy not only physical discomfort, but also moral, because his peers began to scoff at him. It was then that the boy himself decided for himself that it was time to lose weight.

In addition, the child has always dreamed of becoming a footballer, and for this he needed to get in shape.

Unfortunately, the diet did not give good results, and then the doctors decided to reduce the stomach of Arya. After the surgery, the weight finally started to shift.

Later, sports joined the diet, and now the boy has become easier to move around, and his mood has improved. So, in 3 years, the child dropped more than 100 kilograms.

Now Arya is no different from her peers, and looks just great. And most importantly, nothing threatens his health anymore, and he can calmly do what he loves — play football.

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