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“I spent $ 100,000 on plastic”: what nurse Tara looks like now and what she was like before

Here is an ordinary nurse from Australia named Tara. And she spent a huge amount of money on plastic surgery.

Moreover, the woman admits that she is not going to stop there. Now she is very pleased with her appearance, and every day she looks in the mirror with pleasure, so she is ready to pay for this pleasure.

Do you want to see how Tara looked before all the surgical interventions? Here is a photo of her before plastic surgery.

You will agree, she used to be very pretty, definitely better than after the operations. This is exactly what many netizens who see the “before and after” photos think.

However, there are those Tara fans who admire her courage, and every day they write compliments on her new appearance, saying that she made the right choice.

And what do you think?

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