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Home nursery: How does a girl who gave birth to 8 children at a time live now

American Nadia Suleman became famous back in 2009. The girl got into all the news stories after she gave birth to eight babies at once. Everyone wanted to talk to the real mother — the heroine and find out how she manages to cope with so many children. A little later it turned out that she has 6 more heirs.

Nadia was born in California, in a fairly prosperous family. After school, the girl decided to go to study as a psychiatrist. Then she got married and it seemed that everything was going well in life, but in 2000 their marriage broke up.

Nobody found out the reason, but they say that it was Nadya’s infertility. The girl tried to become a mother for 3 years but to no avail. But even after her divorce from her husband, Suleman did not lose hope of becoming a mother. The doctors suggested that she try a new IVF procedure at that time and she agreed.

Thus she had four children — twins and two boys. But the girl wanted a really big family, so she went for another one, the final IVF procedure. But for some reason, the doctor implanted the first 6 embryos, and then 2 more, although in general it is not recommended to implant more than 2.

In the end, Nadia decided to bear eight children, and that doctor lost his license. After the birth of the babies, all the media drew attention to Suleman, but many haters believed that the girl only needed several children to enrich herself. Nadia faced both enthusiastic looks, lack of money, and hatred. Today, a mother of many children is raising her children and they are all happy.

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