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Here’s Why Departed Loved Ones Visit Us In Our Dreams

Sometimes we dream of deceased people, dear to our hearts, without really knowing the meaning of this appearance in our dreams. Could it be a connection with another parallel world which is not accessible to us? In any case, it is possible that the spirits of the deceased people, try with this apparition, to deliver us a message, advice or even a warning against a possible problem that could threaten us.

Often, we are unable to detach ourselves from these people who have meant so much in our lives and who have given us so much. And the suffering of this separation seems overwhelming and endless and does not allow us to deal with the grief associated with this death. It is a great life challenge that makes us feel all kinds of emotions ranging from anger, guilt to deep sadness that we find difficult to let go of. We try, then, as best we can to mourn this loss which afflicts us and disturbs us both physically and mentally.

But after this tragic loss, we often begin to experience somewhat strange dreams while we sleep. These dreams can seem realistic and the time spent with a deceased loved one feels like a kind of visitation to us. According to clinical psychologist Jennifer Shorter, dreams of visiting a loved one can be powerful and carry significant messages.

What is the meaning of the dream about a close person, dead?

According to Psychology Today, this dream feels so real in its intensity and power and differs from an ordinary dream. And the deceased appears young and healthy in the dream, especially since he seems reassuring as if to convey the message that he is fine.

Through the dream, the deceased may transmit a message of advice or warning. And often he communicates by telepathy without really using words, which the dreamer understands without difficulty in order to grasp the message transmitted.

Upon awakening, the dreamer feels a powerful emotion, sometimes destabilizing by the intensity of the dream which can manifest itself in joy, love, relief or even sadness. And it happens that some people, after this dream, end the chapter of mourning feeling consolation and alleviation of pain and suffering, finally allowing them to move forward.

From this experience, the dreamer emerges rich in emotions but also in spiritual evolution, highlighting several existential questions to which he had previously paid no attention.

Furthermore, this journey through the world of dreams allows the dreamer to provide some help or assistance to the spirit of the deceased who can remain connected to the physical world. Thus the latter could be looking for an explanation for a situation related to his previous life, a pardon to cross the beyond and travel to the world of heaven or express the desire to remain attached to his material life of his past life.

However, through its manifestation in the dream, this spirit could simply offer a message, show that there is life after death or guide the dreamer on the journey of life.

When Can Dreaming Be Considered Spiritual?

According to the Spiritual Science Research Foundation, there are psychological and spiritual reasons for a deceased member appearing in the dream. Also, the psychological reason can be explained by the dreamer’s feeling of guilt for not being able to spend enough time with the deceased or the anxiety related to his death. And these images that appear in the dream are only the fruit of his subconscious, which remains awake during sleep.

On the contrary, the spiritual reason translates into the desire of the deceased to communicate in order to receive help in 65% of cases or to transmit a message to the dreamer in 5% of cases.

To this end, a dream can be judged as spiritual if it manifests itself 3 times in a row and it is easier for a subtle body to communicate through the dream since during sleep, the dreamer’s mind is more open to spiritual posts.

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