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Everything he did with his younger sister was filmed. The parents were forced to make this decision…


Archie, 7, lived in an orphanage in Bulgaria. His family, which abandoned him at birth, the boy did not know. Nobody wanted a baby with Down syndrome. The kid was lonely all the time, until one day a Texas family saw his photos on the Internet. Joey and Lisa Eicher traveled to Bulgaria with their 4-year-old daughter Ace to adopt Archie.


The boy immediately became a member of their family, making strong friends with his new sister. But it wasn’t all that simple.

Joyi and Lisa have shared their adoption plans with the rest of their family.

Terrible prejudices, criticism and condemnation immediately fell upon them from all sides.


“All of a sudden they became some kind of experts, they tried to protect us from“ trouble ”, worrying in vain,” said Lisa. The mother was able to endure any criticism until one day she touched her daughter. “The girl will be left without attention! It is impossible to look after such a sick child!

He will never become a brother to her, he is dangerous to her!” shouted everyone around.

These words deeply hurt the hearts of Joya and Lisa.


Did they do the wrong thing by adopting this sweet boy? Do they really have to send him back to the orphanage? But then little Ace decides to have her final say!

The words of this little girl penetrate into the heart, sounding from the very depths of her soul. They make us think, look at this world in a new light. The same question is running through our minds: “What would I do?” The question is the first step on the way to change yourself and the whole world.

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