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Don’t play on the nerves of the photographer: the most failed wedding shots

A wedding is always a responsibility and at the same time fun. The photographer at the wedding celebration plays an important role, it can be said that further memories of this event depend on him.

But if you piss off the photographer, he will give you such pictures that you don’t know whether to rejoice or cry. All these photos will only cheer up the outside viewer. Our editors have made a selection of the funniest photos from the wedding that are circulating on the Internet.

In the background of this happy couple, the more sullen relatives

The bride is most likely thinking about an imminent family life

The girl somehow ended up on the groom’s lap, pressing on completely obscene thoughts.

Catching a bouquet at a wedding is the number one task for a single girl, she will not stop at anything.

The bride has already hooked the groom, and it is useless to resist him

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