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“Cement instead of silicone?”: What does a woman look like now, whom a beautician has injected cement mortar into her face

Quite often, people are willing to go to great lengths to look younger than their age. To do this, they turn to cosmetologists and plastic surgeons. But not all of them have a doctorate.

And Raji got just such a beautician. The woman wanted to change so much that she ran to the first cosmetologist she came across, who turned out to be without proper medical education.

Instead of special mixtures, the «doctor» injected real cement with tire sealant into Raja’s face. After a short time, the woman’s face began to slide down, forming lumps on her cheeks.

Fortunately, one day she found out about a program that helps people who have suffered at the hands of such masters.

In the end, the Rajas were still able to return to almost their original appearance, which she was very happy about.
The only thing is that all the same, small lumps remained on her cheeks because their removal can harm her.

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