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“Already size 50!”: This girl, even with overweight, is not ashamed of her body

If you still think that only thin people are considered beautiful, just look at this girl!

While millions of women in the world are dieting, limiting themselves, exhausting the body with training, she lives for her own pleasure and accepts herself for who she is.

At the same time, it is impossible to say about “ugly”, “fat” or “unkempt”. She dresses very stylishly and presents herself in such a way that no one around her has any doubts that she is a beauty.

This girl’s name is Iskra Lawrence, and she was able to love herself and show others how important it is. Despite the fact that Iskra wears a size 50, she is a model.

The beauty tells everyone that happiness is not in the size of clothes, but in love for herself and her body.

Do you agree with her position?

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