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Alain Delon proche de la fin : son fils Anthony va l’aider à mourir

On the occasion of the release of his book Between dog and wolf, Anthony Delon is the guest of Let yourself be tempted Monday March 14, 2022 on RTL. The actor notably says that he promised his father, Alain Delon, to be there in the last moments of his life, to accompany him until the end.

As part of the promotion of his book entitled Between dog and wolf, Anthony Delon was on the microphone of Stéphane Boudsocq in the program Let yourself be tempted on RTL. A program which will be broadcast on Monday, March 14, 2022. Two days earlier, Télé-Loisirs revealed in preview the secrets of the actor. This one is in particular returned on his family history, the subject of his book. And with great surprise, he confided in the specific request made to him by his father, Alain Delon.

«It’s true, he asked me that.»

Indeed, the icon of French cinema has made his son promise to help and accompany him when his last hour will have come. “It’s true, he asked me that,” Anthony Delon confirmed. A subject that the actor knows well, since his mother, Nathalie Delon, who died of cancer on January 21, 2021, had also asked those close to her that she could have recourse to euthanasia. «My mother had decided to die as she had lived: by deciding to do so,» says Anthony Delon.

If Nathalie Delon’s relatives had accepted this idea, she finally died naturally. «Fortunately, we didn’t resort to this process, because everything was ready, but it would have been difficult for us to hold her hand and see the life leave her,» her son said. Concerning his father, Anthony explains having refused to be his executor. Her sister Anouchka will be. However, he promised to be there, the day he no longer wanted to continue living, the day he gave up, when he gave up. Now 86, Alain Delon is already thinking about and preparing for his departure.


Alain Delon will he soon rest in peace ? The actor already plans his death with his son Anthony

her new book

At the beginning of March, Anthony Delon is releasing a new book, entitled Entre Chien et Loup. As stated in the presentation of the book, «Son of a sacred movie monster and a freedom-loving actress», he lifts the veil on his family and shares his memories. The author goes deep into intimate and family stories, «a life project» as he says himself. About his father, Anthony Delon writes: “I could have deduced that this man, my father, did not like me. But I understood that he wanted me like nothing else in the world.»

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