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Adopted girl has grown up, how she looks like now

Angelina Jolie is a celebrated American actress. She is the only person who has got the same reward triple in a row. But Jolie is also in the public eye for her good deeds.

She visits countries where people live in poverty and helps them. In 2004, the actress, along with Pete, who was then her husband, visited Ethiopia.
They were in one of the orphanages. And there they saw a girl with unusually large eyes. The girl was very thin and looked sickly. Angelina decided to adopt her.

The girl, having found loving and caring parents, quickly went on the mend. The girl was given the name Zahara, which in their language means a flower. After the adoption of this girl, Jolie had a child. Then they adopted another baby. And in 2008, Angelina brought into the world twins, a girl, and a boy.

Zahara loves her younger brothers and sister and helps in taking care of them. Now the girl is 15 years old.
She has become a real beauty. She has been compared to Naomi Campbell. She voices cartoons and also tries her hand at acting. The girl also wants to become a model. She is a jewelry designer. And the proceeds from the sale of this jewelry go to charity.

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