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A woman with gray hair decided to change her image to surprise her husband

Over time, many women begin to pay less attention to themselves. Work, household chores, children, and then grandchildren, many do not have enough time for themselves. As a result, appearance suffers.

Every lady should remember that time for herself is time for the benefit of the family. A self-confident, rested and happy woman can give positive and inspiration to her husband and children, work productively and cook delicious treats with joy.

One day Mary Johnson noticed that her husband stopped complimenting her and taking time for her. The woman decided to go to the stylist. At 60, life is just beginning!

The stylist immediately decided that this lady deserved a new image and bright appearance. The client wanted to just shorten her haircut, make it more neat, dye her hair dark, but the stylist decided to make a complete update of the image.

To restore Mary’s self-confidence, the stylist decided to do not just a haircut, change the hair color and make a stylish styling. He decided to create an integral image of a bright and self-confident woman!

Christopher skillfully cut the client’s hair, shortened her hair and made a structured haircut that would hold a beautiful volume. He picked up a beautiful copper hair color and did the coloring using the balayage technique. The bright color harmonizes beautifully with the wheaten shade of the blonde, beautifully shading the skin and eyes.

Mary’s husband and children were speechless when they saw a beauty with makeup and stylish styling instead of a tired mother. She looks 20 years younger! Mary herself looked in the mirror for a long time and could not take her eyes off this gorgeous woman.

New image — new life. Instead of a tired pensioner in depression, a bright and smiling lady fluttered out of the salon, accompanied by her husband, numb with delight.

At any age, a woman should take time for herself, look in such a way as to please herself!

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