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A man spent all day outside in a blizzard to save a dog and her weak puppies from a chimney

Despite the rough weather outside, Milan patiently waited until the dog and her pups were rescued ❤

During the unforgiving winter months of Siberia, a stray dog ​​named Hera gave birth on the street. The poor thing knew that she would have to struggle to feed her fragile puppies and keep them warm during a blizzard that raged all day. Eventually, she found a cold and wet drainpipe by the side of the road and decided to crawl inside with her puppies to get shelter from the freezing snow.
But the agonizing ordeal of the abandoned dog is not yet over. She knew that her children would not have survived the cold months if not for human intervention. As the puppies got worse, Hera became more and more restless, running out of the chimney every time she heard a car drive by. All she wanted was for someone to help keep her children alive. But, unfortunately, people couldn’t be less concerned about her predicament.

Fortunately, some worried travelers spotted the helpless dog and contacted an employee at the Mladenovac Dog Shelter. So, one day a man named Milan went on rough roads to save Hera. Although most of the pipes in the area were covered in snow due to the ongoing snowstorm, Milan was able to track down the mother and her puppies using her paw prints.

In the touching video, Hera can be seen running out of the chimney just after hearing Milan’s footsteps approaching her temporary residence. While the man was thrilled to have found Hera, he was heartbroken to see her 4-week-old puppies soaking wet and shivering in the pipe. But getting the puppies out of the uncomfortable boarding school turned out to be quite a challenge, as they are not accustomed to humans, unlike their mother.https://80b592f27b1c269284d98babbd2f0b7c.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

Despite his assurances, they refused to budge, and Milan knew he needed to get them out quickly as it was getting dark. He knew it would be a massive rescue, but despite knowing the effort he’d put in, he never once turned his back on the frightened puppies. Even when the weather worsened, he stayed on the road until the puppies came out.
At first, he let Hera enter the chimney, hoping that her puppies would follow him, but it didn’t work. He then put in some food, hoping to lure them out, but he was ultimately successful with the tool. Thanks to his patience and care, Milan was finally able to reunite the babies with their mother, who was very grateful for his help.

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