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A little village girl ran through the snow with a puppy on her back to show her dog to the vet

A little girl with a dog on her back was walking through deep snow to a doctor so that he would cure her dog❤👧🐕

One day, veterinarian Ogün Öztürk had to visit the village of Düzpelit in Ordu, Turkey to treat a sick cow. The work was resolved fairly quickly, and he intended to return immediately. But then, something unexpected happened.

Their friendship started like that.

That day, Cemre heard that a vet would show up in town to deal with a cow. Fearing that the vet would leave the village fast, Cemre Su put Pamuk on her back and crossed more than a mile of snowy mountain roads to reach his place. He was taken by surprise.

The three quickly became new friends. Later, Ogün often goes back to the village to visit Cemre and Pamuk.

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