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A horse spends 15 years on daily walks along the same route that her late human used to ride her on

Heartwarming story ❤

In Frankfurt, Germany, a magnificent white Arabian horse goes for a walk every day.

She does not need guards or jockeys – she knows the way very well.

Jenny, a 25-year-old mare, was ridden this way by her owner, who died more than 15 years ago.

A gentle horse goes out for a morning walk around the city every day.

Previously, Jenny did not walk on her own – she was part of a horse-drawn “caravan” driven by the mare’s owner, Werner Weischedel.

At the age of 82, Werner died.

Over time, Jenny’s friend, a black mare named Charlie, also died of old age.

Therefore, the wife of Weischedel decided to walk the horse in the same ways that the owner rode her.

Jenny was first accompanied on her morning walks.

But later, the new owner realized that the mare could handle it herself.

Since then, Jenny has been released from the stall every day and she calmly walks through the streets of the city, following a memorized route.

Some may think that a lonely horse walking around the city is a little strange and even dangerous.

The independent mare, however, is very familiar with her native path and moves around just like any other pedestrian who walks in the area.

Weischedel’s wife even works with Frankfurt law enforcement to make sure Jenny and the townspeople are safe.

As a result, in 15 years there has not been a single incident involving a white horse.

Moreover, Jenny has become a celebrity among the locals.

They all look forward to meeting the mare: some stop to greet and pet her, treat her and even clean up after her.

Over the years, Jenny became famous even outside her small community in Frankfurt.

And the story of the wandering Arabian horse now brings smiles to people around the world.

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