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97-year-old mother of Sylvester Stallone regrets that she mutilated herself with plastic surgery

Jacqueline Stallone was born in 1921. The woman, it would seem, is doing everything possible to outsmart the times: at 97, the actress visits the gym, is an adherent of proper nutrition, looks into beauty salons. In addition to the above innocent methods, Jacqueline has repeatedly resorted to the help of plastic surgeons.

Today, the mother of a famous actor can easily be called a victim of plastic surgery. Jacqueline had an unsuccessful rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, she enlarged her lips a couple of times, did a facelift.

The woman assures that she herself is not happy with the reflection that she sees every day in the mirror. It is worth noting that in her youth, Jacqueline had no end to fans.

Stallone was a real beauty, as evidenced by old photographs of the actress. Perhaps that is why the woman was never able to come to terms with her natural withering and decided to turn to professionals for help.

It remains only to wish good health to the woman who is about to reach her 100th birthday.

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