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20 Tips That Prove Creativity Will Come Exactly When You Need It the Most

If you ever wondered if it was possible to live more simply, the answer is yes. Internet users share all sorts of tips on the interwebs, from how to stop losing the remote control to how to use a water bottle as a flashlight (that’s right, just like you read!).

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we take this opportunity to expand knowledge so you can learn about some people’s solutions to solve different problems.

1. “Just seen my partner charging her phone like this. For years, whenever we’ve gone away anywhere and there’s not a table close to an outlet I’ve left my phone charging on the floor like a fool!”

2. “If you are ever staying at a hotel and need a chip clip”

3. “If you own a cat and they never use their cat bed, cover the bed in a soft shirt of yours. Had this bed for 6 months and he never used it. Now he sleeps in it every night!”

4. “Drilling a hole in a ceiling? This saves from dust debris!”

5. “When you don’t want to buy a smaller pan for just 1 recipe”

6. “If you have young kids, draw a racetrack on the back of your shirt and give the kids toy cars. Easy massages that are fun for them too!”

7. “Not got a coin for a supermarket trolley? Use a round headed key instead!”

8. “Tonight is the last night I’ll ever be slinging cushions.”

9. “Easy at home solution when playing games with younger kids. No more lost dice!”

10. “Wife needs a yoga manual — printer keeps shutting off from over heating.”


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11. “Saw a couple remote hacks, thought I’d post mine.”

12. “Just out here living the dream”

13. “My fiancé capped the end of a cut banana with banana skin.”

14. “If your going for a run and don’t have zip pockets or a phone holder, thread your key through your shoe lace and double knot it! (Excuse the muddy shoes)”

15. “Need more light when you’re camping? Put a water bottle on top of your phone flashlight for a lantern effect.”

16. “I put a bubble level on my basic drill so I know when I’m 90 degrees perpendicular to ground when drilling vertically.”

17. “Emptying the bottle”

18. “Coffee cups make the perfect burrito holders.”

19. “The easiest way to water your garden.”

20. “Put a slinky on your bird-feeder pole and the squirrels won’t be able to climb it.”

What’s one trick you always have up your sleeve that makes your life easier?

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