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14 funny childhood photos that were created many years later

Children’s photos are always a sea of ​​positive emotions and memories. A fun way to «re-live» the best moments of childhood is to try to repeat those same frames. Today, perhaps, only the lazy did not try to «recreate» their old pictures many years later. It always turns out very funny. especially when you consider that the kids have matured a long time ago, and often the smallest ones have become real tall men! Now try to get on your mom’s lap or ask your dad to hold it. We want to share with you a selection of interesting photographs, exactly recreated years later. Perhaps you would like to adopt this experience.

With my younger sister, in the same place

Styles don’t change

The atmosphere is still the same

In dad’s arms


And mommy is so slim


On the porch of the house with dad …

Aged, but the same favorite fluffy

And with the «costumes» how they tried! Well, the growth distribution has changed slightly.

Brothers and sister

The kid was offended

Oh wow, what cute babies!

What great fun!

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